“You can call me Cousin Zucchi”… or when culinary stars align, delicious things happen!

Let me explain…

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Cousin Angela was our houseguest a couple of weeks ago. At 90+ she is the second most senior member of our extended family. She is a wonderful cook and a talented baker. Cousin Angela is no longer responsible for cooking for the family, but she loves to bake  and still bakes up a storm!


The lone zucchini plant in my vegetable garden is very productive. I harvest Zucchini every few days and enjoy sharing the surplus. In the days before and during Angela’s visit, I neglected the garden. The day we took her back home, we found an ENORMOUS Zucchini. We gave it to Cousin Angela, thinking their family of 6 could use it or (if it was inedible) they could add to their compost.


We were invited to supper with her family a week later. When we walked in, she greeted us with “You can call me Cousin Zucchi”, reached into the cookbook bookshelf and pulled out her “Over 100 Zucchini Squash Uses” cookbook.  She had been baking with our zucchini all week!

On the kitchen counter was a display of all the goodies she baked:
Zucchini Bread (one loaf wrapped and labeled for us)
Zucchini Chocolate Cake
Zucchini Cookies…and they had fried some for sandwiches!

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So, the culinary stars aligned, Cousin Angela was the perfect recipient of our mutant Zucchini.  Everything was delicious!

We especially enjoyed the soft and moist Zucchini Cookies. With her permission, we share the recipe.

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